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Dr. Capicchioni is dedicated to helping people resolve past and present issues. He helps his clients develop meaning and purpose in life, enabling them to make changes that will result in personal growth and development, restoration of balanced lifestyles, and the emotional strength to yield life-long results.


Dr. Charles Capicchioni, Psy.D. LLP


I consider it a privilege to share my faith with other believers and lean on the Holy Spirit to assist me in counseling and comforting other people.”

Meet Dr. Charles Cappichioni
Dr. Capicchioni’s education and training includes:


Fostering a nurturing, safe environment

I believe that my mission as a Christian and a psychotherapist is to try to understand hurting people. I should speak the truth in love and kindness while working to establish a meaningful Godly connection with my clients. By doing this, I foster a nurturing, safe environment. This environment creates a space to make the most of my clients' capacity for enjoyment and ownership of their own lives. 


Through this process, my clients learn to tolerate grief and limitations while leaning on God’s grace to make a way for their healing. I, as a Christian therapist, am to incubate change and growth under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, sharing one another’s burdens until the burden is lifted, knowing that God will always assist. This task is a team effort: the therapist, the client and the Holy Spirit.


Creating meaning and purpose in life

I have come this far, obtaining a Doctoral Degree in Psychology through the Grace of God. I have faced many challenges during this time, including the death of my brother through suicide on February 15, 2006.  Because of his death, I have completed a study on the survivor’s experience of creating meaning from the suicide of a loved one. 


I am not sure from these findings if one creates meaning out of such devastation. However, I do know that my love and trust in God has only increased during this time. I know that I am a survivor. Through this process I have seen and felt the hand of God on my life. I know that it is through His Grace that I have obtained this degree, and I give Him all the Glory, the entire Honor and all Praise.

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